— blending the mix

for all those gapingvoid readers

let’s be careful not to jump on the bandwagon here – it’s too easy to agree with people that the modern agency world isn’t getting “IT”.
If you are all such great advocates of “web 2.0″ why not practice what you preach – get out there and make the difference yourself instead of moaning about it.
Hugh has/does it with gapingvoid and look where it has got him.
If this new age had shown us anything – consumers talk to the brands now. The agency world is no different – if you aren’t happy with your agency, the costs to entry in this crazy new media world are so small – follow your consumer’s lead – do it yourself.
In the same way the B2C will be affected by people power, so will B2B – let you fingers to the talking and  just do it.
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