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March, 2007 Monthly archive
let’s be careful not to jump on the bandwagon here – it’s too easy to agree with people that the modern agency world isn’t getting “IT”.
If you are all such great advocates of “web 2.0″ why not practice what you preach – get out there and make the difference yourself instead of moaning about it.
Hugh has/does it with gapingvoid and look where it has got him.
If this new age had shown us anything – consumers talk to the brands now. The agency world is no different – if you aren’t happy with your agency, the costs to entry in this crazy new media world are so small – follow your consumer’s lead – do it yourself.
In the same way the B2C will be affected by people power, so will B2B – let you fingers to the talking and  just do it.
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A clean, clutter-free theme for a new clean, BS-free blog.

It’s taken 2 years, but I think I have GOT the blogging thing!

It’s not about link baiting to get the traffic, it’s not about my opinion on the same story that has already got 30k posts on Technorati. No, it’s about putting content out there that makes a difference to people. All the good stuff happens aftwerwards.

If I was Bill Gates or Matt Cutts, you’d visit the blog and value my opinion but I’m not – you don’t know me from Adam. I have no inside tracks on new web technologies or companies – but what I do have are loads of ideas and tons of creativity.

So I am going to stick to what I am good at.

Whether it is online ideas, customer service ideas, call-centre ideas, direct mail ideas, seasonal ideas, ideas taken from other feeds or quite simply something that I have noticed which could be turned into a valuable marketing idea, I hope that the blog will become a useful resource for anyone wanting something inspirational

                                A LIGHTBULB MOMENT

I hope you will come back often and pick up something useful!

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