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With Google’s recent venture into “micro” searches, you would have thought that they would now have search well and truly licked but Steve Rubel reports that Google’s biggest threat is now wikipedia!

With increasing scrutiny over the accuracy of the content, wikipedia is an increasingly trustworthy source of information.

Properly monetised (with even wikipedia adwords??) they may even be able to launch further afield…wikipedia films, wikipedia sport (like mark Cuban’s wiki).

In the same way adwords rewards good keyword selection, [tag]wikipedia[/tag] subject-specific ads would surely trump [tag]Google[/tag] for ROI.

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The BBC reports on how an ENTIRELY unheard of group, Koopa have managed to get a Top 40 hit, with no recording contract!

Recent changes to the way the UK Top 40 Music chart is compiled (now taking into account ANY music downloads) have meant that on download sales alone, Koopa have managed to enter the charts at Number 31.

All around the world, there are A&R men and women crying into their champagne. The people have spoke. They don’t need a record company telling them what band they should be listening to next.

myspace, flickr tour tags, WOM, forums have replaced conventional music marketing and put it in the hands of the people.

I find it fascinating to see how the music industry has been able to demonstrate such a responsiveness to these new techniques and wonder what other industries can/could so publicly demonstrate such. success

Vive La Revolution!

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p.s. don’t think I’m mocking redundancy…been there, done that…on the cusp of it again!

16th January update: Music Zone the once popular music retailer is now in liquidation.

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Given the massive impact that the new Google Reader has had on my reading of RSS feeds, I am now going to publish all my favourite stuff on my new link blog HERE.

I may even put some of the highlights in the sidebar but am concerned about sidebar overload!

I hope you get some insight into what makes me buzz and maybe you’ll pop back more often to chat about it!

Have fun!

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…well, not quite.

Steve Rubel points to the future…

thanks to iphoneunboxed for the image!

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thanks for the montage erniea

I, like mobile crunch, decided not to comment on the iphone yesterday (just to get myself some cheap traffic from technorati) until I had digested its features and capabilities, but one thing stands out above all else:


Consider the wider mobile phone market. With at least 6 major manufacturers bringing out around between 10 and 20 new models a year for many different reasons, just how will the iphone compete?

Fashion, business, size, gender, status and colour are just a handful of reasons why there are a plethora of different models on the market. After all, Nokia pioneered the personalised phone for good reason and look how many different models THEY have.

Whether you want a phone that does everything you need (say SE P990i), email (Blackberry), or just a plain and simple device to make phone calls (now that’s a good idea!) the current manufacturers have created a plentiful mix of models to suit all tastes and requirements – because not everyone wants the same thing from a phone.

Does Apple think it can be all things to all people – especially in the mobile phone world? There is much more to breaking the mobile phone market than having a nice looking piece of kit.

Sure, people will buy the iphone (or whatever it ends up having to be called because of this) because it is Apple. But, think back to how many mobile phones you may have bought over the years because it was the latest phone only to get hacked-off with it soon after.

Beauty over Brains.

Does Apple in fact, run the risk of having its whole brand damaged by what could potentially be a medium-term failure?

What happens when the early-adopters soon get hacked-off when use of the browser and movie player and image viewer and email restrict ACTUAL phone use to a few minutes here and there? What happens when the PC-crowd can’t get to grips with the OS X operating system (although the mobile crowd tend to accept changes in OS when switching between phones) and what if the current iphone doesn’t quite look so great when Nokia or SE release their next generation of phones?

What else does Apple have in the pot? Hang one…why do they need to? The have one phone that doesn everything.

Unless the iphone’s USP(s) of allowing a full mobile internet and telephone experience with no shortfall in performance of the device’s core function – conversation then I honestly hope that Apple try and keep up with the other manufacturer’s so that it becomes the product I SO hope it attempts to be!

Hey, at the very best I have only seen the WSJ video of the phone so I can’t really criticise it but by god do I want one!

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…until the end of day when the Bloghaus parties start!!!
Anyone else notice how quiet it is out there with CES going on at the moment??!!!


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