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Edelman pioneers Web 2.0 press release

Steve Rubel reports on Edelman‘s new press release software which allows businesses to make new press releases incorporating many Web 2.0 media. Technorati, delicious, Digg, Trackback and comments as well as an [tag]RSS[/tag] feed are listed to encourage readers to spread the message around the world as well as receive feedback.
Maybe I am behind the times (quite likely!), but the biggest coup for me here is the integration of these networking methods to encourage distribution of not only the outbound message but also the ensuing conversation.

Another interesting angle is that it is now clear that Edelman’s adoption of [tag]Digg[/tag], [tag]Technorati[/tag] and [tag]delicious[/tag] are now no longer “nice ideas” or passing fads, but fundamentally useful tools but in [tag]PR[/tag] and [tag]marketing[/tag].

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