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December, 2006 Monthly archive

Steve Rubel reports on Edelman‘s new press release software which allows businesses to make new press releases incorporating many Web 2.0 media. Technorati, delicious, Digg, Trackback and comments as well as an [tag]RSS[/tag] feed are listed to encourage readers to spread the message around the world as well as receive feedback.
Maybe I am behind the times (quite likely!), but the biggest coup for me here is the integration of these networking methods to encourage distribution of not only the outbound message but also the ensuing conversation.

Another interesting angle is that it is now clear that Edelman’s adoption of [tag]Digg[/tag], [tag]Technorati[/tag] and [tag]delicious[/tag] are now no longer “nice ideas” or passing fads, but fundamentally useful tools but in [tag]PR[/tag] and [tag]marketing[/tag].

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On the back of the Thresher voucher launched by Hugh last week, the story has now made the BBC website.

Blogging is just a fad? Don’t think so!

Hugh…rock on!

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Someone tell me, is there any significant reason why something like Habbo characters, created by a Habbo Hotel user could not at some point in the near future be integrated into something like Second Life?

Stupid thing to say? Maybe Probably!

Prompted by Steve Rubel‘s post on Habbo going all social (where users can now create their own home pages to fit their characters, a la myspace) it got me thinking [a] they are late to the game but [b] where do they go from here? Is the integration of online communities the future of social networking?
As "real-life" society discovered long-distance transport, communities began to integrate. Why would Second Life for example not be one continent and Habbo Hotel be (for example) another? Will we see an evolution of game-based mash-ups that will allow characters from different online worlds to wander in and out of each other’s worlds?
Maybe that’s Web 3.0, but then that will lead to Gangs 3.0, War 3.0…is humanity doomed or will we all be playing on our computers too much?!!!

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I’ve been pondering this for some time.

Delusions of grandeur-aside with the community-side of the web now playing a major role in the shaping of the way the web is used, I wondered if the past holds any clues to the future.

So, using my limited vocabulary I had a think in simple terms about how I’d describe the history of the web.

Web 1 – New, early-adopters/elite, discovery, opportunity, understanding, money-making, greed, naivety, mis-understanding, loss.

Web 2 – Discovery, availability, mass-market, communities, understanding, opportunity, money-making, greed, loss.

Web 3 – ???

Sure, this is only my take on things, and that is largely tainted by using the web as a more commercial device rather than a social one. But I can’t help thinking that even though you could do this exercise for the commercial web and social web, commonalities like money-making and opportunity will remain consistent.

With opportunity always comes greed so will this shape the current Web 2.0 culture and ultimately lead to a downfall in the new social web? Probably not, but it is worth bearing in mind that everyone thought ecommerce was the only useful use of the web. Now, everybody’s favourite is social marketing…are we not in danger of placing all our webs in one basket?

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