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The net’s run by techies

Looking for a prospect today on Google called Ajax Property Developments, I was unable to find anything of relevance – but by god, did I find plenty about Ajax developer tools and language.

I got the same rubbish from msn and yahoo which led me to think that this is now a geek-led world, and we didn’t know it!

When you look at search terms now, just what proportion of Google results comes back as blog posts? Too many for my liking.

Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging (despite having been off it for a while!) but I am coming round to the fact that blogging has been led by the technology crowd who talk about online marketing, Ajax, purely online companies, the whole web 2.0 thing etc., etc.

And the increased proportion of this content on the overall web ensures that there is just too much entirely irrelevant results coming back form the search engines – and who is to blame? If I put the term "ice-cream" into Google, you can be assured that if Steve Rubel has mentioned the words ice-cream in relation to anything, then it will crop up top of the list! (No criticism of Steve there!)

The Internet grew most when we could find what we wanted when we wanted it – and quickly. Cool. Now there is so much more to look through (and some of it utter junk!), that the speed with which we can find the same searches has gone.

Some of it is genuine crap (affiliate junk) but some of it is interesting, when called for (blogging), but is it not yet possible to filter these out?

Should Google begin to think about adding a Technorati-type blog search to its main page rather than guiding people to blog search through reader (for much the same reason that news and images are separated?) or do they get cleverer and try to increase their sensitivity to relevant (or irrelevant) blog posts?

Is the increase in growth of the Internet down to the fact that the techies are still posting so much tech-related (and tech-marketing) content or are we still in the very early days of social media growth where the amount of tech-related content still outweighs the amount of new, social, non tech-related UGC?

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