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Well guys, I’m back and am at a blogging crossroads

well, July 25th was my last post and since then an awful lot has happened:

1) Resigned directorship at bathroom business
2) Changed job
3) Survived financial ruin (almost)
4) Saw wife go through painful operation
5) Laptop damaged beyond repair but due to (3) unable to replace!

So, things have been fraught and through a combination of circumstances, I have not been able to blog…and do you know what, I am not sure I have missed it.

Receiving the reminder to continue my domain name ownership, it has got me thinking if blogging is worth it. What are your thoughts?

Over 2 months have passed since my last post and I am questioning if I really miss blogging. My current job is in house-building marketing and (despite my best attempts!) I can find no-one willing to entertain the idea, so my motivation for pursuing a blogoshpere presence…but I have also got that nagging feeling that I am missing something!

Tara, Robert and Steve were my stock readws when I was involved with online marketing but what relevance now?

Microsoft wants to make friends with hackers when Vista launches, whilst Google is in talks to buy You Tube for $1.6bn…and my first reaction was to blog about it!

Nobody in my life gives 2 hoots about any of that and I even question who online does and who cares if I have an opinion about it, but do you know what, in blogging about it, I have found a reason why I do actually enjoy blogging.

I ENJOY talking about technology, marketing and other such stuff. And where else to talk about it but amongst the very networks of people who form part of the story itself – the blogoshpere!

I used to think that keeping in touch with the blogoshpere was going to help me get a well-paid job. It didn’t.

I used to think blogging made me an elite marketeer (after all, I am now 118,000th on Technorati!!) and that people would flock to me for paid online marketing advice. It didn’t.

I used to think that people would admire me for knowing about all the latest online marketing and technology news. It didn’t – people I know couldn’t care less.

Despite seeing a massive future in my current job, blogging and online marketing has got to me…and I am worried that this future doesn’t involve blogging!

Can blogging about marketing really add any value to the blogoshpere when it is not being practised by the person preaching it?

Do I renew my domain name?

More importantly…does anyone care?!!!

  1. technokitten says: October 8, 20064:51 pm

    Sorry to hear you’ve been through such a tough time. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger ‘n all that. And I really hope your wife is on the mend.

    Re your question on blogging, for me it’s is a mix of self-expression and also a collation of mine and others thoughts on the world of mobile (plus a few other tidbits thrown in) put together in such a way that I’ll find them again (used alongside del.icio.us, bloglines etc). The fact that I get readers is a real bonus. And when I’m working from home alone, it reminds me that I’m not alone and that there are people out there interested in what I have to say. I’d like to blog more but you gotta earn a crust and live your life away from the puter screen.

    You might also be interested in reading this post http://www.perfectpath.co.uk/archives/000242.html which is about ‘why I blog’.

  2. Cole says: October 9, 20069:26 am

    I care.

    renew your domain and get posting. about marketing; about technology; about your creaking kitchen door for all i care. There nothing that resonates more to me than a voice in the blogosphere wondering if it’s even being heard as I went through exactly the same.

    Stay focused on what you care about and write about it for yourself, that’s all you need contribute.

    Good to see you back,


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