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Blogs, Businesses and Censorship – it just keeps happening

Is this company EVER going to “get” blogging and its implications?
 La Petite Anglaise author, Catherine has been sacked for blogging and “bringing the company into disrepute”. She writes about her exploits in Paris with the occasional descriptions of her office and some of the people there. Now that is some serious disrepute…
I presume the same disrepute conditions apply when an individual talks about colleagues at coffee breaks, cigarette breaks, lunchtime, sitting on the bus, train…with friends….you get the point. Dixon Wilson clearly don’t.
No doubt the whole blogoshpere will be attempting to get here reinstated (yeah, right!) but are they right to do so?
It is one thing to set out guidelines about how to blog safely, but if your employer doesn’t even understand the concept of what you are doing, he certainly isn’t going to listen to the subtleties of descriptions about themselves. You are taking a risk.

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