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Hijacking the Second Life way

  So, a friend of mine (no, this IS true!) joins Second Life on my recommendation, even though my laptop hasn’t got enough graphics capability to run it (!) and tells me some interesting things.
Upon joining, the first thing he does is get invited to spend money via stores that, conveniently, the two people he meets own.
Ten minutes later he has spent a small fortune on some new hair, some new clothes, a penis (normal one apparently) and became a pole dancer working for tips! (I guess there is a chicken and egg scenario going on with the body features/dancing situation!).
Does this sort of hijacking happen all the time to new recruits? Are there people that spend their time roaming Second Life looking for ways of taking money off people?
Does it remind anone of the 1989’s timeshare scam where unsuspecting holiday-makers were duped into signing-up for timeshare villa’s and didn’t actually get any benefit from it?
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  1. David Brain says: August 16, 200611:55 am

    Absolutely my experience too . . though not the penis bit. I noticed as well that Lexis PR has also set up shop in Second Life and so now we can also be hit up for a press release or, these days, some blogging consultancy.

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