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Minority Report Advertising – it’s just around the corner

Steve Rubel reports on a ZDnet article which elaborates on a personalised ad delivery system for commercial radio!

By monitoring conditions at the outlets of the source (temperature and demographics are the two quoted conditions), the ads can be changed in accordance with the changes on the shop floor. They cite the example of Mcdonalds being able to change the type of ad they run, if for example, the temperature exceeds a certain point. Rather than run a burger ad, they might roll with a drinks one.

Cool (in every sense of the word!).

This seems to tie in with the advances they are making on audio search I posted a few weeks back where Google will/should/can (!!) be able to place targeted and relevant browser ads based on the background noise it can pick up.

With RF tags being put into store cards and on food packaging, maybe the Minority Report ad world is not too far away.

Is that a good thing?

Ask yourself this question. Even if an ad was relevant and targeted in a way you like, would you still welcome the interruption?

Maybe advertising is a joke. It’s all about………timing!

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