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PayPal – your business is about security as well as money

Those lovely people at paypal are so kind.

Within 2 days of me launching my new blog, PayPal sent me an email asking me to verify my personal details because they thought there had been a security breach. How nice. Shame it landed in my spam filter!

What other multinational company would take sure care of its customers so as to ensure their customers’ safety on an almost 10-minutely basis?

What other multinational company would allow such continual and widespread abuse of their integrity that they do absolutely NOTHING about it until they have to?

What other multinational company whose business is handling other people’s money do absolutely NOTHING to keep its fraud-concerned customer up to date with the latest scams and tricks?

What other multinational company whose business is based on trust and security only say something abut a scam until IT becomes worried about ITSELF?

What other multinational company whose business is as widely known for scams as its business does nothing about it?

What…OK, you get the point!

How can a company whose customers are attacked every minute of every day NOT have anything other than a developers blog? And even HIDE their phone number from you, whose money they are holding.

It defies belief

The ability of Paypal to allow secure transactions easily is probably its most important asset yet it does NOTHING to alert/warn/advise its customers on what to do in ANY sort of daily/weekly conversation.

How long does it take you to find out about the latest threats to YOUR security on the Symantec website? Seconds.

And that is only your computer.

Imagine how much more you would trust PayPal with YOUR money if you felt that they at least had a handle on the problems and commuinicated them to you.

PayPal….blogging can be as cheap or as expensive as you want but the value is indeterminable.

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  1. John Dodds says: July 28, 20063:26 pm

    I think you may find that it was a scam email – they appear from time to time in my email account (though not an email account that has anything to do with a paypal account)

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