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The blogosphere has gone mainstream

Being in the bathroom business I am always on the look out for signs of life online from other like-companies to see what they are up to. Similarly, tradesemen would benefit enormously from using the internet.

English Cut grew enormously when Thomas Mahon (a craftsman, rather than a tradesman!) decided to blog about his tailoring. The passion he put across in his blog, for the cut, the materials and the styles helped grow his brand enormously.

Why wouldn’t this work for ANY business, even tradesman?

Along comes Plumbingmarketing a blog designed to aid tradesmen understand and market their businesses better than ever.

That said, in the UK a plumber looking for work is like trying to find rocking horse…(you know the rest) so I would struggle to understand just how useful this would be.

BUT, nobody can earn TOO MUCH money so why not all you plumbers and ‘leccies out there give it a go?

Let people share your passion for what you do, help them with regular tips and updates on fitting skills, pointers in what to look for when buying a bathroom, contact details, retailers (who in turn may pay you for a referral!), home improvement tips, advice from electriciaqn friends, plumber friends, builder friends etc.

Get involved wiht local community groups, find online home improvement/diy groups – bcome the indisipensable voice of your profession.
Before long, people get to know you, trust you (more than a number in a book anyway) and you have suddenly got yourself a customer base who knows you even BEFORE they take you on!

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