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Amanda Congdon “leaves” Rocketboom

After reading the news about Amanda leaving Rocketboom, I am struck by a few things:

1) There seems to be an awful lot of resentment or anger from uninvolved parties at what has happened.

[tag]Techcrunch[/tag] says: “The funny thing is, based on what looks like really happened, she’s full of crap. Or both of them are.”

Whilst Dave Winer is quite scathing about the whole mess.

Steve Rubel suggests “it might be easy to dismiss all the chatter around Amanda Congdon’s untimely departure from Rocketboom as “inside baseball.””

2) The alarming nature of 2 non-speaking partners fighting it out over the internet – haven’t we all risen above this level?

UPDATE: [tag]Amanda Congdon[/tag] has now posted a letter from Andrew in June on her new blog, in response to HIS announcement (thanks [tag]Dave Winer[/tag]) about Amanda leaving.

3) Is this just a “staged” drama to ensure [tag]Rocketboom[/tag] stays ahead of other video blogs?

4) It highlights just how vague the blogging / video blogging “business model” is.

Almost everyone blogging for over 12 months will no doubt have been doing it for purely personal reasons but these reasons are becoming increasingly financial, although nobody can really put a formula on it!!

So, when you start off, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed into the world of blogging, what do you do when you have hundreds of thousand of subscirbers and a full-time ad-supporting business to run?

Was that in the plans? Where do you go for help?

Is THIS the root of the problem?

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