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Tell Ten Friends

I have been reading Jordan’s blog, Tell Ten Friends for a while now. Apart from the fact that he is a sage and makes some really good, astute points, there are two other things which regularly draw me to the blog:

1) The blog design is awesome! It has to be one of the most “Web 2.0″ designs I have seen yet. Nice round boxes, clear layout, neat and not at all fussy. If budget allows I am going to get myself one of them there great looking blogs!
2) The name – [tag]Tell Ten Friends[/tag]. Never has one description rolled of the tongue like a piece of Wordsworth alliteration and yet meant so much!

Tell Ten Friends is, in itself, a term which epitomsies what Jordan, me and no doubt many hundreds of others are working towards. Word of Mouth and Community being the cornerstone of marketing success.

Long may he continue!

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  1. Jordan says: July 11, 200611:23 pm

    Paul, I can’t thank you enough for this!

    I only wish I had noticed this sooner. I am a big blending the mix fan, and I am subscribing to the Pinko Marketing blog as we speak ( Funny, because I was reading your comments on Tara’s blog earlier today, and I just found this post now. I’m playing catch-up, I guess)

    My designer will be “chuffed” (did I say that right?) to hear your praise of his work as well. I agree, he does have a knack for the Web 2.0 “look,” no?

    Thanks again for the great feedback!

    Oh, and if you don’t mind my saying so, I liked it better with the photo. In the true spirit of community, I prefer to peer into the eyes of the blogger I’m conversing with. Comparing yourself to Amanda, you’ll always come up short, and that’s no reason to hide your mug from your faithful public.

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