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My new gapingvoid sidebar widget!

Both of my subscribers (!) and other people who stumble here by accident will at least now have some witty and insightful content to read when they see my new gapingvoid widget!

It displays a cartoon a day (I believe) – and you know what they say “A cartoon a day helps you work, rest and play”.

I hope you enjoy it. Hugh, many, many thanks for your great idea.

Which leads me onto another great idea. Why could [tag]gapingvoid[/tag] cartoons not be put onto an iPod? A silent slideshow of Hugh’s cartoons, downloaded daily via RSS to your iPod? Maybe it could be a screensaver on the [tag]iPod[/tag] if such a thing were to exist? Harold Lloyd move over – Hugh McLeod is here!
Or how about video podcasts using the cartoons to break the show, lead into ads, or even provide a visual “full screen presentation” of the topic they are discussing?

  1. hugh macleod says: July 1, 20064:38 am

    No worries, Paul. Thanks for subscribing =)

    It wasn’t working yesterdy for a few hours. But we seem to have fixed the problem.

  2. Theodore says: December 15, 20069:08 am

    Is there a wordpress widget that would allow me to display my album in the sidebar/with the sidebar widgets/plug ins?

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