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Google to launch Cost Per Action “Affiliate” marketing network in response to eBay Adsense program

An article in the FT.com reports that [tag]Google[/tag] is launching a new ad network to run alongside [tag]Adsense[/tag] and [tag]Adwords[/tag] which is, to all intents and purposes, an affiliate network tro rival that of the new [tag]eBay[/tag] program.

Instead of paying per click as we are all used to, advertisers should be able to specify the action that leads to the payment trigger (click, sign-up, order, information request), although I can’t help thinking that with Google there will be a twist!

Maybe some sort of ad-sense style bidding for the most popular/generous/desperate publishers (dieting, vitamins, credit cards etc.) looking to attract the most users.

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  1. Cole says: June 26, 200612:00 pm
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