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Web 1.0…last one out close the door…

First its Scoble, then it’s Tara, now it’s Bill.

Who’s next?

What’s interesting is that [tag]Robert Scoble[/tag] and [tag]Tara Hunt[/tag] (despite having been part of innovative face-recognition start-up [tag]Riya[/tag]) are pursuing interests in new areas on the internet rather than simply moving on to do the same thing at another company.

Robert has joined an exciting new company called [tag]podtech.net[/tag] (a Silicon Valley-based tech. news podcasting channel) and Tara is expanding her [tag]Pinko Marketing[/tag] concept (which just rocks!), as well as her own [tag]Citizen Agency[/tag]!

What is interesting that these two long-established blogosphere personalities are both moving (despite coming from different directions!) towards companies and projects engaging in new (to most people!) methods of internet use.

[tag]CGC[/tag] – [tag]Podcasting[/tag], [tag]vlogging[/tag], [tag]wiki’s[/tag], [tag]blogs[/tag], forums are all now essential tools to succeed on the internet and the fact that 2 such well-known personalities have left safe jobs to get more directly involved is a sign for all of us.

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  1. […] Anyway, as Paul Fabretti points out, now both are out on their own, sans day-job, starting new projects and aligning themselves with new opportunities. In these situations, you never get all of the details of the story, so it’s hard to say what caused these personnel changes, even when you hear the story right from the HorsePigCow’s mouth. I think that both Robert and Tara simply outgrew their surroundings (What? Scoble got too big and powerful for Microsoft!?) and became their own brand, simply by being themselves. Both claim an amicable split, and both are likely to end up coming out ahead when the dust settles. Robert Scoble had the benefit of association with the hugest company on the planet, while Tara had some great ideas she thought might work, and a knack for networking. Both published great content, and their audiences grew like crazy. I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record about this, but this sends a pretty clear message to me: People will connect with you, and with your company if you offer them some value in the form of content, and just be willing to have a conversation with them. In the case of Robert and Tara, they gained a following both for themselves and the companies they were plugging (and often times critiquing). If you’re smart about it and put the time in, it can work for you, too. Yes, it;s a bit of work, but if you’re talking about hting you’re passionate about, it becomes more of a hobby than anything. Think of it as free PR, if that makes you feel better. What’s the secret? Be yourself, tell the truth and have a bit of fun in the process. […]

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