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Google to launch own iRows competitor

I have recently recieved confirmation from Yoah Bar-David, CEO of [tag]iRows[/tag], that [tag]Google[/tag] has in fact NOT bought [tag]irows[/tag].

Google, as Steve Rubel reports, is building its own online spreadsheet software called [tag]Google Spreadsheets[/tag] which is rumoured to have been designed by a former 2Web employee, John Rochelle). Stephane Rodriquez gives a good review of the implications of  Google Spreadsheets suggesting he knows more than he is letting on! Bien ecrit Stephane!

As for iRows, it looks to be making great advances integrating into daily life (surely the most crucial part of any new app.?), with a salesforce.com version rolling out a few weeks ago and are, according to CEO Yoah, working closely with web-application companies to ensure proper integration of iRows with other online office suite application.

As Google is trying to be all things to all people, I sometimes wonder if it can be all of those things successfully all the time. Is it sufficient for the success of the product for people to assume, that because it is Google and it is free, that it will meet their needs?
Having used iRows I can (for the moment) say that it is the best online spreadsheet product on the market at the moment and with further dedication into its development, it will only improve and become more and more like the FULL [tag]Microsoft[/tag] [tag]Excel [/tag]it wants to be.

Can Google honestly say that once launched, they will continue to invest in and develop Google Spreadsheet to the same levels that iRows have/will?

Beware of strangers offering free gifts…

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  1. Tony says: June 8, 20063:29 pm


    Hi! Have you seen EditGrid also?

    There’s a comparison between it and google spreadsheet here:

    You may wish to take a look!

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