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Google has bought iRows – exclusive confirmation

I received a simple but cryptic message last night confirming that [tag]Google[/tag] has indeed bought [tag]iRows[/tag] and will be making the announcement TODAY, 6th June 2006.

I seem to remember when Google bought writely, there was a heck of a lot of buzz surrounding what was going to be next in the online office suite and [tag]irows[/tag] looked like the perfect target. Quite why this has taken such a long time to be announced is a surprise, but it was only a matter of time.

That said, with Microsoft’s new [tag]Office 2007 beta [/tag] suite looking prettier than ever, I am beginning to wonder what, apart from online storage, will the impending Google Suite have to offer that [tag]Microsoft[/tag] don’t?

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  1. Yoah Bar-David says: June 6, 20065:24 am

    I am the CEO of iRows.com
    Sorry to disappoint you (and myself), but Goofle did not buy iRows, they will launch a competeing offering of their own.

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