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Citizen Radio in the UK- the first important step

The BBC reports that OFCOM, the official telecommunications watcdog in the UK, is seeking a review and possible amendment to the regulations regarding the banning of the iPod gadget iTrips that can transmit the iPod content using FM radio signals.

The device was banned in the UK because it is argued that it is possible to interfere with commercial broadcasts already on that bandwidth.

The biggest dilemma seems to be how best to manage the acceptance given that the device is available all over the internet and there is a booming black market anyway.

If there is a change in the rules and we CAN use the [tag]iPod[/tag] and [tag]iTrip[/tag] in unison, we are facing some interesting times!

I think this opens up some exciting opportunities to create consumer-generated content radio stations as personal as the people put them out.
Live events like MESH 2006 could have instant [tag]MESH 2006[/tag] Radio, broadcasting (from the iPod) keynote speaches or event announcements. The Blogging 101 session from [tag]Tris Hussey[/tag] could have been broadcast to all those who couldn’t make the seminar or someone may have missed Tara Hunt’s Keynote on Pinko Marketing, played again at 2100H on Radio MESH 2006 – all from an iPod!

On a more local level, parties and corporate events can be broadcast to friends or colleagues, either downloadable off company intranets or broadcast over “iPod FM”.

Each of these events could be sponsored with audio ads…the possibilities are endless.

Advertisers – are you keen to get into schools? Give a kid an iPod with some cool audio content on it to be broadcast at break time and lunchtime!
Does anyone remember Hi-de-Hi and its wonderful events broadcaster Ruth Maddocks? It’s here and it’s in the hands of Ofcom – advertisers, be ready!

  1. Tris says: May 19, 200611:43 am

    That would have been great! I know that they do that for Gnomedex … man maybe I could have done it straight from my machine.

    Dern …

  2. Paul Fabretti says: May 22, 20063:59 am

    Apart form the Blogging 101 as well as the most frequently posted-to blog in MESH history (I would guess!!) would you really have found time to post a radi obroadcast too???!!!

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