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What does your office look like? Let me know!

Stowe Boyd started the ball rolling with his t-shirt auction, resulting in him getting this:

Then Tris Hussey posted his office picture here:

And it got me thinking – what does YOUR office look like?

Do you blog from home or from a communal workplace? Do you have 4 walls that you stare at day in, day out or have an office as exciting as a wet weekend in Manchester?

Send me your pictures and I’ll put them all up on my flickr feed.

“BUT WHY?” I hear you ask!

The public outpouring of support for Robert Scoble has been a wonderful example of just how close many thousands of people can become. Separated by thousands of miles, bloggers congregate to share their support for another blogger – a worldwide neighbourhood.

We forge close friendships with people we don’t know, so why not let our friends into our homes and workplaces too?

Send me your pictures to paul dot fabretti at gmail dot com (or click on the gmail button on the right!).

Here’s mine for starters:

  1. Tris says: May 16, 200610:43 am

    Geez, I’m going to have to put up the better picture of my desk! I’ll send you a link to Flickr.

  2. Paul Fabretti says: May 16, 20063:21 pm

    I bet you didn’t realise that picture would come back to haunt you did you??!! Great new pic though! Thanks for your contribution!

  3. Ann Handley says: May 17, 20067:45 pm

    Paul — This is a GREAT idea. Will wait til sunlight tomorrow and post my workspace, such as it is..

    Tris — Your photo looks like a newsprint archive…! Wha’ the…?

  4. Paul Fabretti says: May 18, 20063:29 am

    Hey Ann, you might like to blame me for that one about Tris – it was the only one I could find! It doesn’t do his office justice I’m afraid!!

    I will be posting an official apology to him later!!

    Thanks for your contrubution, I look forward to seeing it!

  5. Tris says: May 19, 200611:46 am

    Yeah that pic was scanned from the newspaper. I was in an article about telework and blogging.

    There is a better pic on Flickr.

  6. Jordan says: May 25, 20067:07 pm

    I like this idea. When the sun comes out in again (in Vancouver, BC) I’ll try to remember to snap one, post it on flickr and share it over to you.

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