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Indispensable – can you make your employees believe they are?

Seth’s Blog: Indispensable is a wonderful post about individuals being the company, individuals who, without them, the company ceases to exist.

He tells of how Michael Dell could leave Dell Computers but they would still be the same company. Bill Gates could even leave Microsoft and it still be the same company, but what about the small business owner?

How to make yourself dipensable again? Empower your straff. Make them feel like their actions count for something real. Don’t make them feel like they are earning a salary.
Maybe they don’t have a vested interest in the business, so make it part of their performance scheme that every satisfied customer they come into contact with, registers towards their bonus.

Customer leaving positive feedback or even non-buying customers that have left satisfied are potential customers that, treated well WILL come back.

This is as hard a part of the sales cycle as any so staff should be rewarded for it.

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