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Is Google Adsense tacky or essential

 Citycita is a great tool previewed on TechCrunch a couple of days back. It allows people to create specific interest groups and map them to allow those groups to meet.

It got a fairly glowing review suggesting it may have a decent future but if you look at the screenshots, there is [tag]Google[/tag] Adsense running down the left hand side.

What is your opinion on this? As a start-up is any revenue good revenue or is there more at stake tha a few dollars per month?

Is the brand they are creating more important than the marginal revenue they will create by placing these type of ads on the homepage?

My argument is YES. It is tacky and should be BANNED for start-ups!

If you have enough VC money coming in, and looking at the type of people that are likely to read TechCrunch, are the y likely going to click on Adsense ads? No.

However, are they going to see [tag]Google Adsense[/tag] ads and wonder if you are such a small operation (and therefore a risky one to sign-up with) that you need to generate cash from Ad Sense?

I’m not knocking Citycita because I think it is a great idea and wish I could use it in the UK. If I could create bathroom user groups who could discuss home improvements with each other and even visit our previous customers’ houses to see our handy work, I would be a VERY happy man.

I just think that Ad Sesne has been hijacked by too many scammers for it to be used on a credible business venture’s homepage.

  1. John Hocking says: May 4, 20062:48 pm

    If you are going to add adsense, choose an ad format at you can intergrate into the center content area of the page.

    This will greatly increase your click through rate.

    Refer to the Google Adsense Heat Map at

    for other ideas on placement.

  2. paul.fabretti says: May 4, 20063:17 pm

    John, many thanks for that. Combining my template fiddling with some adsense may be something I look at in the future (when I can fathom some html!) but my inspiratin for posting was due to my visit of citycita.

    A great idea with a great future in a crowded Web 2.0 market hs Google Ad Sense on it! What gives?

    It is like taking out a full page ad in a national newspaper like The Times (UK) and filling it with classified ads.

    I don’t think the reputation of Adsense is one which eager new businesses keen to make a good impression need to have tied to them.

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