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Youth are beginning to worry the mainstream media

Evidence indeed, if it were ever needed, that the youth of today are shaping the news tomorrow.

 A Globespan report published on the BBC shows that nearly 20% of all 18-24 years old surveyed, use the internet as their main source of news and that the main reason for doing so was to largely to verify the full facts and to see if there were other angles that had been covered by other sources (other news sources or blogs).

Interestingly, only 11% of those in arguably the peak of their profressional careers, the 24-34 year olds (and likely most frequent users of the internet) use the internet as their main news source.

The report suggets that habits rather than time spent online are the drivers for the differences between the groups, with the younger respondents having grown up with internet news and seeing it and blogs as legitimate news resources in the same way a 50+ individual may trust newspapers.
Interestingly in Korea (where 86% of the population are online), the use of the internet  as the main news resource in incredible high at 34%, beaten only by television at 41%.

This holds significant interest for the more sophisticated nations. If a country with such high proportion of internet take-up (yet a relatively low penetration of broadband connection speeds) can acquire 34% of its news from the internet, is it the method of delivery rather than the content which is the main factor in driving people online?
I would argue it is the method of delivery. 38% of online Koreans trust blogs compared to the all-country average of 24%.

In addition to the element of trust (gained through consistency, honesty and openness), the method of delivery needs to be in a way and at a time that is convenient to the reader. Events do not wait until the news happens at 9pm to happen and people want their news there and then.

71% of all 18-24 year olds questioned said they would prefer news delivered in a mobile or wireless way.

Those people that don’t find ways of making this happen risk falling behind forever.

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