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May, 2006 Monthly archive

Keen to ensure that any IE7 Beta users (like myself) don’t feel the need to move over to “the dark side” I noticed this, the first tie I went to the google search home page:


“Make Google your search engine in Internet Explorer”
Interestingly, I had pop-ups turned OFF, yet this pops up in my browser does “break the rules” come under the “do no evil” logic?

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 In a move to bring world domination one step closer, it has been revealed by the BBC that [tag]Google[/tag] has signed a deal with [tag]Dell[/tag] to have their software installed on all Dell computers.

Didn’t Microsoft get hit with a crippling fine for doing the same thing?! 

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The BBC reports that OFCOM, the official telecommunications watcdog in the UK, is seeking a review and possible amendment to the regulations regarding the banning of the iPod gadget iTrips that can transmit the iPod content using FM radio signals.

The device was banned in the UK because it is argued that it is possible to interfere with commercial broadcasts already on that bandwidth.

The biggest dilemma seems to be how best to manage the acceptance given that the device is available all over the internet and there is a booming black market anyway.

If there is a change in the rules and we CAN use the [tag]iPod[/tag] and [tag]iTrip[/tag] in unison, we are facing some interesting times!

I think this opens up some exciting opportunities to create consumer-generated content radio stations as personal as the people put them out.
Live events like MESH 2006 could have instant [tag]MESH 2006[/tag] Radio, broadcasting (from the iPod) keynote speaches or event announcements. The Blogging 101 session from [tag]Tris Hussey[/tag] could have been broadcast to all those who couldn’t make the seminar or someone may have missed Tara Hunt’s Keynote on Pinko Marketing, played again at 2100H on Radio MESH 2006 – all from an iPod!

On a more local level, parties and corporate events can be broadcast to friends or colleagues, either downloadable off company intranets or broadcast over “iPod FM”.

Each of these events could be sponsored with audio ads…the possibilities are endless.

Advertisers – are you keen to get into schools? Give a kid an iPod with some cool audio content on it to be broadcast at break time and lunchtime!
Does anyone remember Hi-de-Hi and its wonderful events broadcaster Ruth Maddocks? It’s here and it’s in the hands of Ofcom – advertisers, be ready!

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The BBC reports that central park will become a [tag]wireless[/tag] hub by this summer, ensuring that FULL and FREE [tag]wi-fi[/tag] access can be had by all.

The city’s Park’s Department says that by July there will be 8 active wireless spots covering almost all the park, with a further rollout accros New York’s other parks later in the year to complement those already in place in Bryant Park in mid-town and Tompkins Square Park in the East Village.

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Stowe Boyd started the ball rolling with his t-shirt auction, resulting in him getting this:

Then Tris Hussey posted his office picture here:

And it got me thinking – what does YOUR office look like?

Do you blog from home or from a communal workplace? Do you have 4 walls that you stare at day in, day out or have an office as exciting as a wet weekend in Manchester?

Send me your pictures and I’ll put them all up on my flickr feed.

“BUT WHY?” I hear you ask!

The public outpouring of support for Robert Scoble has been a wonderful example of just how close many thousands of people can become. Separated by thousands of miles, bloggers congregate to share their support for another blogger – a worldwide neighbourhood.

We forge close friendships with people we don’t know, so why not let our friends into our homes and workplaces too?

Send me your pictures to paul dot fabretti at gmail dot com (or click on the gmail button on the right!).

Here’s mine for starters:

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You can now send video clips from your [tag]mobile phone[/tag] to [tag]YouTube[/tag] by simply emailing a special address.

With camera-phones increasing in resolution and quality all the time, we really are at an interesting point where Joe Bloggs and Jane Doe can report in real-time – without needing to wait untl they are at a PC.

Imagine the possibilities…it may even bring radio back to life if they could tie-in real-time feedback in the same way as SMS!

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The BBC report that Man Utd have set a date for the return of Alan Smith and that he hsa even begun to start jogging again.

Most of you either won’t know who Alan Smith is (or some won’t even care), but this story brings a ray of light to an otherwise ordinary day.

In February 2006, Alan (a former Leeds United player) broke his leg and dislocated the ankle of the same leg at the same time – at 22, it was believed the injury may have ended his career.

Imagine at 22 being told you can no longer carry out your job…

My thoughts go out to Robert Scoble too in this difficult time for him and his family.

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Steve Rubel reports that [tag]AOL[/tag] has just launched its own myspace entrant, [tag]Trading Spaces[/tag] and I’m not sure if it worth their while.

I feel that there are at least 3 major factors why there will be many challengers but mainly losers to the myspace crown:

1) Users of [tag]myspace[/tag] feel a sense of ownership of the network. It has expanded from the bottom – up. Users created the content which grew myspace organically as their internal friend networks expanded. Myspace is THEIR space, trading spaces is AOL’s space reserved for THEM.

2) Have you seen some of the profiles on myspace?! Truly awesome levels of creativity and design which will have taken days if not weeks to complete. Have you moved house recently? Fun isn’t it…NOT!

3) The momentum which has helped grow myspace is unlikely to be replicated unless there are significant changes/improvements from a new entrant. Even then, unless there is a MASS migration to any one new entrant, the existing mysapce networks just aren’t going to broken up.

4) (told you there were at least 3 reasons!) Given the press furore and word of mouth surrounding myspace, surely anyone who is interested in this type of network has already set up home and is perfectly happy?

I just cannot see how someone has taken the time to embed themselves in a network like myspace will want to move networks UNLESS a new entrant provides some significant freebies or additional features.

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Soft furnishings, soft colours, carpet…make mine a Mocha Frappucino with a Quarter Pounder with Cheese!

The image you see to the left (courtesy of Seth Godin) is the new layout for Macdonalds in the US and signals an interesting departure from the current bright lights and plastic layout.

Seth ponders on the dfilemma of whether or not this is a move aware from the trusted and proven environment that Macdonalds customers are used to. But my biggest thought is this: Macdonalds is a FAST FOOD restaurant. Quick in, quick out…low margins but high churn rate.

How can Macdonalds (who provide a meal which is eaten far less frequently than coffee is drunk) expect anything like the returns they already achieve?

Furthermore, by providing a “lounge” envorinment whereby people are encouraged to spend longer dining, it is only going to open Macdonalds up to criticism about diet again.

At least Starbucks (with its equally priced products) can get 2 or even three coffees out of any long-term residents, but can Macdonalds really expect to get the same 2 or 3 meals out of ITS long-termers?

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The Maine blogger has been spared the law suit says Steve Rubel. This was the talk of the web a few days ago. Accused of causing irreperable damage to the Maine tourist industry for pointing out their double-page ad was asking people to call a sex-line by mistake, authorities threatened to take this guy to the cleaners. Seemingly public pressure has meant that they have seen sense!

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