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Nintendo Wii…are they taking the p*ss?

 The BBC reports on the stories circulating about Nintendo’s next generation gaming console, called the [tag]Wii [/tag](pronounced “wee”).

Are they taking the p*ss…sorry wee?!

[tag]Nintendo[/tag] claim that the Japanese spelling is supposed to show their origins yet at the same time demonstrate that the device is open to everybody.

Now I don’t know whether this is all intentional and the device will in the end be called something other than Wii, but  are they playing a sly card here…?

Have they, by giving a much anticipated device a ridiculous name, ensued that the device gets talked about – very [tag]Pinko Marketing[/tag] (Tara would be impressed!) and that in having to justify the name, every person who hears it will by default want to know what it means – thereby ensuring the machine’s key benefits get discussed at the same time?

If they get ridiculed enough, they change the name and claim simply that they listened to the public (again, very Pinko!).

Or have they just shot themselves in the foot…wii’ll see! (sorry for that pun!)

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  1. Jude says: November 21, 20064:13 pm

    Hi everyone.
    With the launch of the Nintendo Wii just around the corner, will you purchase one?
    If so, what are you most looking forward to about the system?

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