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Big firms need to adopt small practices

Scoble blogs about a post from Tara Hunt aka “Miss Rogue” aka “Pinko Marketeer” in which she say that the big coirporations just don’t get comunity, what it is and how it can help grow (and in fact finish!) a company.

What is interesting is that for me, the overiding dilemma is how to adopt small-company ethics on a larger scale.

I know most of my customers by their first names, the type of house they have, their intersts, occupation etc., because I converse with each and every one. As a co-business owner it is in my own interest to get to know each one of these people as well as possible so that they will buy get to know me, trust me and buy from me – not be sold to.

Many people may argue that I have a vested interest in the company and that is why I strive for the information, but it is a basic selling technique that the larger companies tend to forget as they plough through their call queues.

People do business with people and the more you know them whether B2B or B2C, if you feel a bond with someone, you warm to them and buy from them.

For me, this is the most basic rule which the bigger corporations need to find a way of implementing.

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