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Want to get customers just for doing a good job? Try Rapleaf.

I have frequently blogged about the need for companies who want to behave ethically  to use some sort of feedback system. If you are doing a good job tell others about it, if you are doing a GREAT job, let your customers tell other people about it.

I get just under a third of my business from people who have checked out my eBay feedback and have then gone on to buy from me over the phone – bathroom suites at £950 a time with no hesitation in handing out credit card details to a total stranger.

Equally, because I know bad service or problem resolution may result in negative feedback, I go FLAT OUT to try and ensure total and utter staisfaction with my customers.

Negative feedback has far more bad consequences than positive feedback has good ones, so I strive to make sure that everyone in the business has the customer as king.

Too many companies hide behind the excuse of a lack of measurement tools to provide customer feedback – but now there are no excuses and only those companies who have something to hide will not adopt this type of scheme soon.

thanks to techcrunch for the images.

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  1. Auren Hoffman says: April 24, 200610:16 am

    heh Paul — very interesting comments (i saw them on techcrunch and followed the link here). we’d love to have you involved in our beta and give you a neak preview. if you do not mind i will put you on our advanced sneak peak. you have a very interesting blog and background and we’d really benefit from you input. thanks!

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