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How to become a Google Power-User

Stephan Spencer is offering a [tag]FREE eBook[/tag] by one of his clients on how to become a Google Power-User and it is great!

Many people blog about [tag]Web 2.0[/tag], where it is going, how it is going to change our habits, when and where we will be using it etc., but how many people actually experience the products themselves? How can you recommend something you haven’t tried yourself?
[tag]Google Calendar[/tag], [tag]Gmail[/tag], Google Search, [tag]Froogle[/tag], [tag]Adwords[/tag], [tag]Adsense[/tag]…(there are many many more!!) are all tools that if you learn to use yourself, ONLY THEN can we understand how they can benefit your business.

Soemone told me I was a salesman’s dream – because I am a salesman. Likewise, you can only expect to sell to people over the internet and via [tag]Google[/tag] if you use it yourself and understand it.

[tag]Stephen Spencer[/tag] is one of the most knowledgable and readable SEO and Internet guru’s around and if his clients are making mega-bucks from his advice, it might be prudent to read the book!

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