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Mirosoft to Launch Live Drive before Google GDrive

Techcrunch reports that Microsoft may be first to launch online storage and NOT Google. Rumours are flying that the much-vaunted Google GDrive will not be ready until 2007, to allow them to work on a way to provide it for free, giving Microsoft time to launch an early version, tagged along with their growing “Live” range of products.

I like the idea of having online storage. I use my backpack account frequently to enable me to track websie development progress as well as the office mvoe as well as the changes to the showroom . I like using Google Calendar to enable me to log on (in a time of total chaos) to any computer anywhere and see what is going on…but still have a hang up about giving Microsoft my personal, sensitive and sometimes financial information.

OK, I don’t have to use it, but the benefits of freedom to travel are immense. BUT, if IE is such an easy target for hackers, why would my MS data be any better protected?

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