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Networks like social media but don’t think it’s scalable

Steve Rubel reports on a panel called The Upfront Conversation looking at (amongst other things) how the TV networks were taking on board digital media content, like putting shows online etc.

Despite the apparent early adoption apparently the numbers are not large enough to make it of any significant interest for the networks.

But, let’s consider some facts:

The Scary Movie 4 trailer grossed 250,000 views within 24hours and eventually 1,000,000 within a week.

A Ronaldinho Nike ad eventually earned 3,000,000 views at a cost of almostr nothing.

Is it not time that the networks started to consider that the minority channels are simply niches (and quite large ones at that) that have a depth of profitable variety.

This has got to be the equivalent of junk mail in the direct mail world. The old “forget the targeting, that costs too much, let’s just send a simple pack out to millions of people”.

Look how DM has evolved…mailing volumes are down, segmentation has increased, personalisation has increased…but profits are up.

Drop the volume snobbery guys, nobody thinks you’re big OR clever if you’re ingnoring the single biggest change in marketing at the moment.

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