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eBay feedback style system?

If businesses are serious about listening to customers, they need to do just 2 things:

1) Show they listen in a way that customers care about

2)  Be honest with themselves.
Customers know they can complain, but what is the point of complaining if your voice isn’t going to be seen to be heard. I have spent the financial equivalent of almost half a year’s gas supply calling British Gas to complain about our bill – and I want others to know what I have had to go through.

I don’t want to know that my complaint is going to be heard by a “customer service representative” and churned out the other end, never to be seen again. I want to SEE that I am being listened to, I want the company to demonstate to me that they have listened, learned from the mistake and are endeavouring to improve the problem.
Why not a simple feedback system that gets posted on their website/blog/wiki?

This then leads to the problem of honesty. Trade on eBay. Go on, give it a go and realise just how much extra effort you put into answerring that email, call or ensuring the descriuption is as accurate as possible or the photography clear.

The point?

Because you are being measured by means that the consumer can understand and judge you on, you are able to (even if things go wrong) demonstrate you care, that you listen – and that is the crux to happier consumer-powered marketing.

But for god’s sake don’t just hide and hope it will go away or else monsters like paypalsucks and nthell get spawned!

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