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Google Patents Voice Search Technology – got YOUR podcast in place yet?

Marketing Vox reports on an immensely important move for Google into the world of voice recognition. As podcasts explode into the mainstream (check out the BBC as an example), vocal content (and its search) will become an incredibly useful and powerful way of finding the information you want.

Imagine being able to search for and listen to the answer of a customer-service podcast responding to a particular frequently asked question (not the usual paypal automatically-generated spiel) – an answer to YOUR specific question by a human (albeit a recorded one!) – online databases could be built with audible answers to aquestions, asked by a human and answrred by one!)
Equally, how many times have you (or your friends) tried telling a joke only for someone to reply, “I guess you must have had to be there”! Imagine if someone put the audio online (an audio You Tube if you like) and you could search for it…

Musicians, comedians, imagine being able to stream your content online and have people search for lyrics or particular jokes.

Podcasters, imagine being able to break your podcast down into smaller sections that would be searchable in the same way that you can skip the tracks/chapter of a CD/DVD…

This is something that leading podcasters like Joseph Jaffe could make enormous use of on his podcast Across the Sound. with several very interesting features interspesed with enthralling (but sometimes conversations can be quite long), the ability to download excerpts from a podcast is truly awesome.
What next…video search?

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