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Google Calendar is Live – great screen shots

TechCrunch reports on the now live Google Calendar. And what a GREAT product this is. I have used hipCal a few times but never managed to get everything running in Firefox perfectly, nor did it have such an attractive UI (although the hippo is kind of cute!)
[tag]GCal[/tag] or [tag]Google Calendar[/tag] (take your pic tagsters!) is attractive logical (layout and operation) and above-all FAST. Mouseovers are as instant as a desktop application and pop-ups are not much slower!

Public events on public calendars (holidays or sales meetings) can have comments added, guests can be invited, keep track of your calendar of interest via RSS (XML). For me what is the greatest benefit is that other calendars can be integrated into yours so that other dates you would otherwise assume filofax would put in your printed agenda (easter break, bank holidays etc.) – see below:

What makes this feature doubly useful is that I can also search for other events of interest to me that may have Google Calendars and include them – i.e. the england versus india cricket schedule!:

The Key features (thanks again to techcrunch for the features list):

  • Text recognition – In adding an event, or detecting a new event from [tag]Gmail[/tag], Calendar automatically detects event-specific words and suggests the adding of a new event with data auto-structured.
  • Manage Multiple Calendars – set up multiple calendars (work, personal, etc) and view them separately or together.
  • Heavy Gmail integration – Gmail recognizes when messages include event information, so when you get emailed about an event, you can add it to Google Calendar with just a couple clicks. Google Calendar links on the right side of the Gmail page.
  • Sharing – Calendars can be shared with others, and you can subscribe to others’ shared calendars. Read/write permissions can be granted on a per user basis. Calendars can be published via a web page or via RSS, so readers do not need to be on the Google Calendar platform.
  • Importing – You can import events from other calendar programs, including Yahoo Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. Click “Settings,” then “Import Calendar”.
  • Calendar Search
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