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Backpack – the answer to your organisation problems!

Backpack: Get Organized and Collaborate

I’ve never been a big fan of online diaries etc. I have a great big leather-bound diary with me everyday and I never use it. Equally, online diaries like Hipcal need logging into all the time to keep track of things, which is a pain, but Backpack is something much better than just a diary making me WANT to use it.

It is the closest thing I have seen to diary wiki really, allowing me to keep track of things I would normally include in a diary, but also being able to create content that ensures my business is run efficiently.

My company, (not online yet, hence the dead link!) has just bought a showroom and warehouse which needs an AWFUL lot of worl doing to it (phones, decoration, IT etc.) and as we are currently all over the North of England (Leeds, Harrogate and Bradford), keeping track of what needs doing and when is a causing all sorts of problems.

I saw the link to backback through Steve Rubel’s blog post about [tag]How I work[/tag] which took its lead from an article I also blogged about earlier this week on how Bill Gates works.

Backpack is a great online area where members of teams can add (in a very attractive UI) all the essential items that ensure work is done in a timely and (hopefully!) organised fashion!

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