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Marketing’s New Black

Micro Persuasion: Marketing’s New Black is an exploratory article into how the gadget now dominates the daily commute instead of newspapers.

Steve argues that the dominant commuter-activity is now SMS, iPod, Blackberry or PDA’s these days rather than reading newspapers and suggests that the gadgets are taking over.

But I have to ask how much of this is down to the increasing popularity of technology rather than the natural evolution of the newspaper market?

Do newspapers like the Guardian and The Times now produce tabloid-sized versions because they want to save paper? I don’t think so! I think that newspapers finally recognised the utter impracticality of large broadsheet newspapers being read on publilc transport with limited space…

…or have they?

Have they realised just how many people use news-capable gadgets such as Blackberry’s or mobiles (not on the tube!) and reacted accordingly by making their basic product more practical?

Does size matter or is it the portability of the medium that makles the difference?
Ultimately, the whole subject deepens newspaper’s fears that a wi-fi connected commuter will soon not need to buy a newspaper and then how do they sell their content?

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