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Exclusive Office 2007 preview video

(hat tip to Gizmodo for finding a way to get a screen shot!)

Get the video HERE I have to say it looks great and for someone who is seriosly considering abandoning everything he knows about PC’s for a macbook pro, it has made me think about that decision, all because of a ribbon!
It seems that MS have taken into account the “pretty” factor on why people use and buy Macs (read: Apple products generally!) and as a result have produced a very attractive UI.

I have to admit one of my sole reasons for buying an [tag]Apple[/tag] is the attention to the UI, but this [tag]Office 2007 video [/tag]seems to have made GREAT strides in this and I admire them for the reasons they claim they have done this.

They have responded to the fact that there are many, many feautures that most normal users never make use of because they are afraid to try them out (i.e. you try something clever and you lose your work!) or they simply do not know HOW to use them.

The new “ribbon” interface enables you to see real-time previews of the effects you would like to see rather than ticking boxes and simply holding your breath whilst you press “OK” which is a very Mac thing to do!

Hats off to [tag]Microsoft[/tag]. [tag]Office 2007[/tag] looks to have provided me with the answer to many “How do they do THAT?” questions and will enable me to get the most out of my work (although whether or not that will make me spend more time messing around deciding what looks good or not than actually working is another matter entirely!!)

OK, I know it is not cool to credit Microsoft but who cares iof someone creates something genuinely cool which makes my working life easier?

  1. Alan says: March 29, 200611:46 am

    That is indeed very cool — particularly the powerpoint improvements on the Live Preview.

    This definitely sets the bar very high for OpenOffice to get near.

  2. paul.fabretti says: March 29, 200611:52 am

    No doubt about it! I think they have opened up the creativity of an awful lot of “standard” users by enabling them to visualise and almost “automate” the clever stuff in the same way that you might create a macro to automatically perform certain specific tasks.

    By eleminating all the difficult stuff and giving users a simple way to visualise and perform the complex design formatting I think MS have ensured that people will now be getting much more from Vista (assuming it is along the same lines) and Office 2007 than they ever were with XP or Office XP even Office 2003.

    In doing this, they should hopefully build the types of loyalty that Apple enjoy.

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