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Google Seeks Patent on WiFi Advertising

Merrell Ligons has a truly interesting post about Google’s posting of a [tag]wi-fi[/tag] advertising patent – which could revolutionise the growth and use of wi-fi worldwide.

I honestly think that [tag]wifi[/tag] growth is being slowed by loborious paid-for sign-up processes which in turn limits the willingness for companies to invest in the technology – therefore limiting coverage.

If sign-up was free (subsidised by ads), then there will without doubt be an explosion of demand from both users AND local advertisers willing to cash in.

Assuming the hotspot “hosts” receive a cut of the ad revenue cake for investing in the technology, then this could be the single-most important factor in taking wifi mainstream.

Marketeers, get your thinking caps on! [tag]Google Local[/tag] is one thing when at your desktop, but being local when in the locality is quite another.

Powerful? Imagine being able to tie-in a hot-spot coffee house purchase with a discounted lunch at your restaurant around the corner…or being able to offer a discounted paper or magazine that the user may have picked up at the coffee house…or even a promotional offer from your around the corner cd shop for the music being played in the coffee house…

Mega-powerful…lunchtime special offers that pop-up as the user is at the computer…watch them walk over with their laptops in hand in response to your timed offers…as Merrell says…a Minority Report world is not too far away – fuelled largely by [tag]Google[/tag]’s advertising-led revenue generation!

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