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The most innovative new age ad campaign you will see to date

Fashion label Shai Wear have a new online brochure – except the word “brochure” is a bit of a loose description!

They say sex sells, but [tag]Shai[/tag] have taken this up another level (and I think TOO FAR) and used hardcore pornography in a series of short films which feature their clothes. It is a shame they have taken this to such extremes because it is a genuinely innovative idea.

From the screenshot below, it doesn’t take much imagination to guess what they get up to, but the interactive mouseover features are a great idea whose application can be used in so many other (better) ways and for so many other

Imagine being able to put your product in a virtual lifestyle situation in which you want your product positioned. With direct links to your e-commerce website this has got be one of the few ways of putting the consumer in as close an environment to a shop (with your carefully crafted lighting, layout etc.) as can be currently achieved?
It is sad to see innovation taken and used in this way, but it just goes to show what can be achieved with the right mind-set.

From the point of view of relevance to the “core” audience, I would guess they score 7/10, from a viral point of view, they get 11/10 and from an advertising strandards point of view, the get 5000/10…the 5000 being the number of complaints they get!

Disclaimer: due to the very sensitve nature of the content of the ad mentioned above, I have not placed a link to the main site. My intention is not to peddle porn, merely to highlight something I feel is a great idea but which also has sadly been hijacked by pornoraphy. I do hope that no offence has been taken.

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