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Is your corporate website really the best way of saying who you are and what you do?

MicroPersuasion runs a great and significant story about how Union Square Ventures has dropped its corporate website and replaced it with a BLOG!

Leading agency Hill Holiday has also done the same.

Though blogging was a fad? Think again.

Steve doesn’t think that blogs will replace corporate websites, but I’m not so sure.

To get their personality and unique USP across, I have heard of agencies sending small portfolio’s of their work in bread, telling prospective clients to “Use their loaf”! How about NOT?!

A blog is a great way to get across your personality and the content of any blog is a way to get across your unique take on the world. So why sholdn’t the same be true for business blogs.

Often when trying to get on the pitch roster, the hardest part is convincing the client that you have the credentials in the first place.

Yes, a nice looking website gives them some indication of what you do, but nothing gets to the heart of your agency better than listening to and looking at the views of the people that actually work there.

A blog allows the client (to some extent), to walk your corridors and see just what goes on behind the doors that she would normally have to appoint you to find out.

Equally, brands that build themselves on a personal service have a perfect opportunity to ditch the corporate bull website and make the “about us” page the HOME PAGE in the form of a blog.

Allow the customer you want to engage on a personal level engage with you via your blog.

I guess this presents a chicken and egg scenario – the website helps to create/complement the brand image and without that, consumers don’t get to hear about your wonderful customer service, but in some industries where insight into the copmany does count, a blog can be a far better tool than a website.

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