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Yahoo has created a new sales channel for subscription-based RSS sources.

Yahoo Subscriptions is ANOTHER beta for Yahoo to enter the world of RSS. They must be busy over there!
It presents readers (of sources with a paid-for subscription) with a search resource which enables them to search their subscriptions for content that would otherwise be unavailable due to the restricted-nature of the content.

i.e. if you have a subscription to 5 different news channels for example, you will be able to search for content without having to access each of the websites, log in then search.

As long as your subscriptions are logged with Yahoo Subscriptions, you should be able to search all your subs. as easy (and with as much accuracy) as the main Yahoo search. It’s an RSS-reader with login authentication already done!
For advertisers, this presents a GREAT opportunity to use RSS as a source of INCOME.

Why not run a free subscription trial to [tag]Yahoo Subscriptions[/tag] so that when other search results show up, your trial is also shown (above) enabling like-minded indivuduals to try your title as it appears alongside your competitors titles – or simply be the first to market!
If you are in a commonly-subscribed marketplace (like finance or technology for example) – if your content is good, your offer is great and you are listed on Yahoo Subscriptions, there is no reason why this cannot become a valuable and profitable sales channel.
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