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Camino Browser – Forefox power – Safari looks

Camino Browser is a great new web browser claiming to be as powerful as Firefox (as it is based on Mozilla technology). [tag]Camino Browser[/tag] is one of the new wave of softwares that will run on both Mac AND PC thanks to the new Mac Intel dual-core chipset. It looks great and for all those PC users wanting the beauty of the Safari interface without having to buy a Mac, it is THE WORKS!

Camino Browser

  1. F_D says: March 16, 200610:50 pm

    Mac *and* PC? Not so much… Camino is based on the Gecko HTML rendering engine (same as Firefox) but is written entirely in Objective-C with the Cocoa API. Hence: totally Mac. It’ll play nice with any sites that play nice in Firefox though, that much is spot on. What it has in spades is under-the-hood Mac power. It’s leveraged the Gecko engine for maximum compatibility (something Safari lacks because of WebKit, whether it passed the Acid2 test or not) while also tapping into a ton of other core OS X services — Address Book integration, Bonjour/ZeroConf services discovery, and Keychain Access for password management. All that plus a superior UI and rich bookmark management. :-)

  2. paul.fabretti says: March 29, 20066:29 am

    Fair point F_D but it has got be a crack that someone will try at some point in the future! Then again, looking at the latest Office 2007 video, MS are fast catching up on the UI front – but your point about what goes on underneath the bonnet is without doubt better, safer and more powerful.

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