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CNET Rolls RSS Banner Ads for E!

Micro Persuasion: CNET Rolls RSS Banner Ads runs a story on how E! entertainment has now started running RSS feeds inside their banner ads on CNET.
Like a news ticker, the headlines run at the bottom of the ad and clicking on them takes you to the relevant story on the [/tag]E![/tag] website.

Steve is slightly bullish about this, but I think this is GREAT! The more specific we can be to the indivudual, the better.

Their clicking on a story about a particular celeb, film or event speaks volumes for the areas of interest of the individual – and allows further landing-page ads to be targeted to that individual.

The actress, the film, the film genre, the brand etc. that are associated with the feed are early steps in understanding the individual and bring us one step closer to making the sale.
The feed itself creates the impression of urgency and hot news making previsouly bland banners more attractive (although you might argue that those companies using inanimate banners wouldn’t latch on to this technology until late anyway!), whilst clubs and associsations can run club-specific feeds on associated websites.

I think this is a rgeat innovation and will hopefully lead [tag]RSS[/tag] to stand for Really Specific Segmentation!

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