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Does the future success of Google’s online applications rest with the Justice Department?

A BBC article here quotes 3 main reasons why [tag]Google[/tag] does not want to comply with the government’s request for data:

1) Why should it do the Governent’s work for it – if the government want to see how easy it is to find porn, simply type sex into any search engine!

2) It wants to protect its product – by ensuring no government source can get access to understand Google’s workings!

3) It wants to show the world it is serious about consumer privacy – AND THIS IS THE CRUX!

The success of recent acquisition [tag]Writely[/tag], as well as well-known and much-used online products such as [tag]Gmail[/tag], [tag]Gchat[/tag], [tag]Google Reader[/tag] etc. all rests on the ability of Google to present itself as a secure, reliable and above-all confidential data host.

Consumers mind less about the “Google-snooping” which allows them to place the contextual ads in these features as long as they know it is safe.

Whilst the government’s requirements are in a different area, most lay-people will no doubt be put off by hearing that the government is now snooping into Google UNLESS it can defy them and stand up for itself.

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