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THIS IS Microsoft’s Origami – HERE, NOW, LOOK!

Samsung’s Q1 ultramobile PC located at engadget is the first REAL look of the [tag]Microsoft Origami [/tag]project.

With Intel also launching a similar product and Asus and Founder too, it seems like the cat is well and truly out of the bag!

And the cat is NOT called [tag]Origami[/tag] (maybe that was marketing speak to do with unravelling or unfolding the mystery of the teaser campaign!!) is is in fact an [tag]UMPC[/tag]’s (Ultra Mobile Personal Computer) using Microsoft’s touch screen technology to eliminate the need for a keyboard.
It looks very much the type of product that everyone thought that tablet PC would be, only now it has become much more portable and usable.

Plans are in place to have systems fitted with optional GPS and TV adaptors (bring on the TV license law suits again!!) as well as digital camera’s.

Expect the first ones to hit the shops (in the US at least) next month!

From a marketers point of view, we are much closer now to having always-on portable wifi devices and think of the opportunities that will bring!

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