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Live.com Upgrade – could it include the ULTIMATE feed aggregator?

Read/WriteWeb reports on the most recent [tag]Microsoft[/tag][tag]Windows Live[/tag].com Upgrade meaning, new pages and gadgets, plus Integrated [tag]Windows Live Search[/tag].

The most signficiant benefit to this (for me anyway) is that I can now fit many. many different paghes of feeds onto each different page.So, being able to rename a page “Internet marketing” for example will enable me to fit at least 20 sources on there. Another page may be Email marketing.

Bozpage does a similar thing in being able to show a variety of feeds on one single page, but there comes a point when they all blend into each other (visually) and it becomes difficult to tell one freed from the next (although Bozpage has a great cloud and river function to allow a different view of the feeds!).

My only issue (and this is a personal one, is that I would prefer to use Google search from the windows live page and as sworn enemies, I can’t see it happening…unless you install the Google search toolbar or use firefox!!!

OK, it is not integrated into the page, but the key issue is being able to search Google without any other clicks, which I now can do!

  1. Alex Bosworth says: March 9, 20061:53 pm

    I tried it out briefly on your recommendation, but it seems like it quickly gets overloaded when you have like 20+ feeds, it’s hard to manage so many feeds in their ‘my stuff’ UI.

    It might just have problems on OSX+FireFox, I’m not sure.

    I like the idea, but I wish I didn’t feel like I was fighting the interface all the time, I got pretty frustrated after 5 minutes and gave up :/

  2. paul.fabretti says: March 9, 20064:50 pm

    Well, to cap off a really great day, I go to log into live.com tonight at home, only to find that the damn thing has gone kaput!

    I tend to agree with you on the loading Alex, but i tend to run live as a permanently open tab so it is always there.

    I then quickly open another tab to go elsewhere.

    Like you say, it may be as much a question of getting used to it, but coming from Google Reader, I find the whole page layout style much better.

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