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Windows Live Mail Beta – my invitation has arrived!

So, hot on the heels of [tag]Yahoo[/tag] Mail Beta, comes [tag]Windows Live Mail[/tag] Beta Invitation:

Promising the following features (might as well copy and paste from the Yahoo email!!):

  • Previews
  • Drag & Drop organisation
  • One-click junk/spam control (i.e. an icon!)
  • Right-clicking (reply, delete and forward)
  • 2Gb of storage

Fair play, they are up with everyone else in trying to keep people using their interface rather than using 3rd party mail software, but I honestly think that with windows Live, they have got a significant advantage over Yahoo in that it will easily become part of the Windows Live interactive desktop.

  1. Invites says: March 24, 20063:04 pm

    If you get some invitations, could you please send me one.

    Thank you

  2. paul.fabretti says: March 28, 20063:30 pm

    If I get some, then yes! No problem.

  3. Keshif says: March 29, 20068:49 am

    Windows Live Mail Invite
    Please send at keshif@hotmail.com

  4. Luciano says: March 29, 20064:33 pm

    could you please send me an windows live mail invitation at lucianomay@hotmail.com

  5. Dominic says: April 6, 20067:34 am

    Hi could you send me a windows live mail when you get one too!


  6. paul.fabretti says: April 6, 20068:31 am

    Guys, many thanks for your requests. I am looking into the invitations situation as we speak. From memory (and it was some time ago), I followed a link from a blog which led me to a simple page where I simply added my name to a waiting list – then the email came and POW!

    BUT, I have found a hack, which, if you link to my blog, I will email to you!

  7. david says: April 22, 20061:13 pm

    david.opdendries@hotmail.com oooo i want an invite as well… send me one and ill link to your blog.

  8. corky says: May 17, 20064:43 pm

    Can I have a WLM invite if theres any spare please?


  9. Jay says: August 2, 20063:30 am

    Could you please send me an invitation to windows Live Mail Beta
    My email : juergen_1182[at]hotmail[dot]com

    thanks in advance

  10. malik says: December 20, 20063:21 am

    can u send me the invitaion of windows live mail beta

  11. assssam says: December 20, 20063:25 am

    invitation of windows live mail beta send me

  12. Juariv says: December 27, 200612:17 pm

    Could you send me an invitation to windows Live Mail please?

    My email: riveraochoa@hotmail.com

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