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Exclusive Screenshots Google Calendar – CL2

Techcrunch has a nother great exclusive on the distant (or not) launch of [tag]Google Calendar[/tag] or [tag]CL2[/tag] as it is currently known.

Imagine a web-based Outlook calendar that friends and family can share and look at.

It tantalisingly suggests that it will integrate very closely with Gmail but how that will work is a mystery so far.

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  1. […] I was going to write a post about Google’s new calendar shots on Techcrunch (hat tip to blending the mix), but why bother? We all know they’re taking over the world, right? I mean, the whole Google-the-appeaser thing with China was just another step in the Great Google World Domination Plan. They get China, the rest of the world is a small step. Here’s how’s it’s going to pan out (and just watch if some Google Assasin Beta doesn’t come and rub me out after writing this): […]

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