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Inventor of Hotmail turns his attention to weblogs – blogeverywhere.com

FT.com is running a great story on how the creator of [tag]Microsoft[/tag] [tag]Hotmail[/tag], [tag]Sabeer Bhatia[/tag] (created before he sold his share to Microsoft for $400 million!!) has now launched a [tag]blogging[/tag] website called www.blogeverywhere.com.

It is effectively a toolbar which, when installed in your browser will enable you to post a comment to a blog or website without actually leaving that page to log into your own blog.

Another feature of the software is that it wil allow access to hotmail, reducing the time it takes to connect, login and ultimately receive your hotmails.

it is just another demonstration of ways in which brands are going to be influenced by the opinions of the communities, who themselves are going to be provided with several ways of having thei voice heard about you.

A major benefit to this would be if they were able to bring it to mobiles. Imagine the improved user-experience with the ability to post comments to blogs when surfing the web on your phone (where connections are traditionally much slower).

Imagine the impact…building wraps or wrapped advertising vehicles could contain a special code that would provide the first 500 customers with a free sample…if, when they see the code, they blogged it to your website from their phone browser when walking down the avenue.

I think though, that the purpose of blogeverywhere.com is to present users with the freedom to post anything, anywhere quicker than ever before but it is going to have to add a few more enhancements for me to not simply click “Press It” on my toolbar

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  1. Shiraz Kanga says: March 16, 200610:02 pm

    Can you name some of the “few more enhancements” that you would like to see in the blogbar?

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