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GDrive / Google Drive – Google’s online hard drive

The [tag]blogoshpere[/tag] (and Marketing VOX) is rife with rumours about a new “product” from [tag]Google[tag] called [tag]Gdrive[/tag] which will enable all those people willing to have Google access to their files to store them on secure Google servers.Effectively this is an online external hard drive. Given Google’s OTT approach to webmail storage (2600Mb!!), lord knows how much they are likely to offer for [tag]Google Drive[/tag]!

As uncomfortable as I am with the concept of posting MY personal files, just how many people are going to flood to GDrive to save having to buy a hard drive upgrade?

My guess is the very same people who have none of the concerns (or even understanding) about internet security and who are more likely than not to click on ads posted (somehow) by Google!

There is never something for nothing even with Google but the potential to reach a whole new audience is out there if the GDrive rumour is true.

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